Our baby girl

Sienna Grace literally graced us with her presence at a civilised hour on her exact due date. Weighing in at 2.95KG she weighed a touch more than her brother who was 2.91KG but he was a week late! Both my babies were born at The Kensington Wing private maternity ward at Chelsea and Westminster and I couldn’t rate it higher if I tried!


IMG_0696 IMG_0705Delivery was smooth and significantly faster than with my first especially once I had the epidural, having gone into active labour at 4am after a few hours of early labour, we went to the hospital and things progressed pretty fast, this little lady was born at 10.59am after just 7 minutes of pushing! Beats 3 hours of pushing the first time around!


After just an hour or so I had a shower and felt refreshed, ready for family and friends to come by and meet her.


Big bro meeting her for the first time, he was very affectionate towards her but was more interested in the gifts!


Ready to go home…

IMG_6940My Prince holding my Princess at home for the first time…

And so begins my story and life as a family of 4!!


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