Free from the pox!

We just spend what felt like a year being stuck at home (7 days in fact!) due to Taymoor’s chicken pox. Being at home alone with both kids was somewhat a learning curve in the world of having more than 1 kid.

To celebrate our freedom and being pox free we decided to try out Kidzania at Westfield. We have known about it from our visits to a Dubai but Taymoor was always too young to enter.


Waiting semi- patiently for his grandparents to arrive 🙂

Sushi was completely clueless about where she was being dragged to!

As you walk in your enter the most adorable miniature town complete with every possible establishment you can imagine ready to await the kids and teach them about different professions and the value of money. The kids get to choose a job and earn money for their work which they can then spend at the shop.

Taymoor had a blast however there is no way you can do all the jobs you want in one visit, it will for sure require multiple visits over the summer!

As for security, it’s fantastic. Each member of your group is tagged by a wrist band including Sienna’s buggy which means you will be unable to leave the premisis without being zapped out of their system and it also means if Taymoor went missing they would be able to locate him straight away! Can someone please tell me why we can’t have these on our kids 24/7 haha!

Accident and Emergency


Fire Station

 ermmm…yes Taymoor needs a haircut badly!!
British Airways Cabin Crew!  
  Walls Ice Cream Factory

Definitely worth a visit, it was by far the least stressful kids entertaining park i’ve experienced… you don’t have to do anything! Just take your kid to the desired job, wait for a max 15-20 (if you go early in the day) and then go and have a coffee while they learn! If your kids are older they don’t even require an adult to be there – score!


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