Mummy must haves for baby number 2!

Here a few things that in the last 8 weeks have proved invaluable!

Firstly the Stokke Tripp Trapp Newborn Set:

When we moved to our new home in May I purchased 2 Tripp Trapp chairs in storm grey and attached the newborn seat on one of them for when Sushi came along. It’s perfect for putting baby in while you’re doing any of your usual kitchen chores – washing bottles, laundry, cooking etc and sit perfectly at the kitchen table at meals times! I can’t image what I would have done without this so far, especially with my older child roaming around I don’t feel that comfortable leaving baby in another room while I’m busy in the noisy kitchen.


Next would definitely be the Baby Bjorn Balance Soft Bouncer Chair:

Light, folds flat and so comfy for baby – perfect to move baby in from room to room while dealing with an older child especially at bath and bedtime if there’s no one around to watch baby.

I got ours in the mesh silver and white to match Sushi’s nursery although it’s more grey than silver which is perfect.


Another must have which is more for the older child would be the Bugaboo Buggy Board. It comes with adaptors to clip discreetly onto the bottom back bar of the buggy and the board clips on in a second and easy to remove. The “drive” of the buggy is still smooth and goes over humps and bumps no problem – bonus is the kid doesn’t nag about being tired of walking! Only thing is you need widen your stride a bit when you walk to avoid knocking your foot into the back wheel.


For the moment these are the 3 most useful items I have been using with baby number 2, i’m sure in the next few months I will be adding to this list 🙂

Tiana xx


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