This week on my camera roll… 3-9 August

This week Mooshi went to his first Tennis camp and loved it! He surprised me with his focus and listened to quite complex instructions (he was the youngest in the group – and the smallest lol). However he didn’t surprise me with his energy and determination as that is so typically Taymoor. 


 Sushi had some visitors but was cranky all afternoon as she had her first jabs (shots) and seemed to be in a lot of discomfort 😦

She did however perk up the next day and channelled her inner sport chic mode to model her adorable sweats and shoes.
Sweatshirt and bottoms by The Little White Company.

Shoes by Ralph Lauren.

My parents were in London visiting us from Dubai and they left last week to spend time at their annual summer vacation spots. They have been sending painfully beautiful pics via whatsapp but this one in Portofino is my fav. Shot from the stunning Hotel Splendido.

Sushi had her first lunch by the river and the weather was stunning (finally after a week of miserable rain!) 

Dress by Baby Gap

Sock by Trumpette

Having cuddles from her Godmother 🙂


The heat was so intense that when we came home this little one passed out!

Having fun outfit planning however was way to hot to wear this particular one this weekend!

Having Dim Sum at Royal China is a Sunday tradition for us and I swear my child has some Chinese genes in him as he eats soooo well there every time! 


As much as I’m looking forward to getting back to the school routine I’m going to miss these lazy mornings in bed with my kiddos.


Love Tiana xx


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