DIY Lego Table

Even though my life revolves around all things design, be it interiors, product or fashion design, DIY however has never been my thing. This idea came from some similar posts I found on Pinterest (check out my boards and follow me while you’re at it 😉)

Anyways Taymoor started getting into the tiny little Lego sets about 6 months ago and as his collection grew it became much harder to sort them and keep them in a place where they won’t get stepped on! (Worst pain ever!) So to make this simple but effective table you will need the following:

  • IKEA LACK coffee table 118 x 78cm
  • 4 x Lego Base Plates 10″ x 10″
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Clear containers with lids (I used the 11 litre ‘Clearly Better Storage boxes’ from B&Q.

Construct the table as advised by the instructions, very quick and simple. You can arrange the base plates as you wish and choose whatever sizes and colours you like. I decided to leave the end part empty for laying pieces out etc. Use the double sided tape to stick the plates to the table. 
The time consuming part is the colour separating of the bricks… Top tip: make the kids help with this part so they see how much work it is and won’t be tempted to mess it up!


Lego also have their own really cool storage boxes which I use to hold the instruction manuals and mini figures.

Happy DIY-ing and hope it puts an end to Lego scattered all over the house! 

Tiana x


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