A new beginning!

During my pregnancy I gained a total of 10kg just as I did with my first and just like my first I was fortunate for my bump to go down very quickly…however my body is in serious need of toning, not to mention I have really been eating terribly since my pregnancy finished! 

Grabbing a cookie for breakfast to save time, skipping lunch to do other things and then snacking on random bits and pieces from the fridge over the afternoon and finally eating a heavy meal for the evening. This has left me feeling sluggish and quite frankly I actually feel like I’ve put on weight since giving birth! 

Enough is enough! I’ve been following this years new cooking star Ella Woodward and her Instagram account/blog (Deliciously Ella) for a while now and virtually everything she posts makes me want to eat it! 


Those who know me well know that cooking is not my thing and I eat to live not live to eat – I love kitchens I’m just not very creative in them! I’m also not that obsessed with meat (unlike my husband who thinks its not a meal without some form of meat or fish). Deliciously Ella is a plant based vegan style diet, however going through the recipes in her book last night in bed they are very balanced in every aspect so you really wouldn’t be missing out on nutrients! 

I’m not saying I’m going to turn Vegan or anything (don’t panic mum if you’re reading this!) but I feel like I could easily eat following her recipes at least 3 times a week. 

So this is my Deliciously Ella challenge that I am setting for myself and my husband who is in a constant battle to lose weight and my laziness in the kitchen really doesn’t help him! The challenge will be to prepare and eat at least 2 meals a day for 3 days out of the week from her cook book.

I am hoping to document my culinary attempts be it successful or disastrous 😂 wish me luck!!

Tiana x


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