4 month update

It’s been a really long time since my last post – life feels like it’s been on fast forward and shows no sign of slowing down. As we approach Taymoor’s first half term break from Reception we are all pretty tired. The school run (even though it’s just a short walk away) is a process in itself. When Taymoor was a baby we had no where we needed to be first thing in the morning so we had many MANY pj days – poor Sienna wouldn’t even know what that is! 

The second baby is a very tolerant baby ! 

I hope this boy loves his sister this much when she starts knocking down his Lego creations or changing the TV channel haha!


Taymoor wearing: top by Petit Bateau. Bottoms from The Little White Company.

Sienna is wearing angel wing pyjama by Marie Chantal

The cheekiness this lady has developed is hilarious !

Blouse by Jacadi, headband by Willow Crowns, baby pink cords by Petit Bateau.


Jeans and shirt by Jacadi, Jumper by Tommy Hilfiger.


Her favourite bunny by Bonnie Baby   

On Saturday 3rd October Trotters celebrated their 25th Anniversary with a big party in Duke of York Square. It was a beautiful sunny day so we made the most out of being outdoors!


Sienna is wearing browse and cardigan by Jacadi, knitted leggings by Confiture and The Early Days pram shoes both available at Trotters.


Taymoor is wearing head to toe Jacadi.


Facts of the month:

  • Number of bottles a day: 5 around 180ml.
  • Absolutely loves bath time and sleeps beautifully from around 8.30pm till 6.30am (with the odd 5am wake up!!) The only thing that stirs you is the never ending search for the dummy!
  • You a really interacting with your soft toys, especially your Bonnie Baby Bunny and your Aden and Anais elephant… Hoping they will possibly replace the dummy one day?? 
  • You love your brother and your face lights up when he comes up to you! 
  • You love being dressed up and you detest dirty nappies.
  • I have no idea what you weigh or how tall you as are it’s been weeks since I last checked but your clothes are getting smaller and your cheeks are edible so I’ll assume all is fine! 
  • Your smile is amazing and your laugh is infectious!
  • You rolled over from your back to your front!

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