Dubai with kids

Since my parents moved to Dubai 4 years ago we have been frequent visitors – we love it! Taymoor was just a few months old on his first visit and even at a young age you realise how easy and fun it is to take kids there.

Even though we can only travel during school holiday times now, I don’t see it as a hindrance as it can be in many other destinations – they are really geared for kids!

We stay at the same hotel every time, The Address Downtown, and even though it isn’t a beach resort I think it fits our needs perfectly. Amazing food (including a huge choice of kids food in every restaurant), serene pools with an amazing view of the Burj Khalifa and the fountains and a 1 minute walk across the connecting bridge to the Dubai Mall where quite frankly there is nothing you won’t find in there! 

We arranged for Taymoor to have swimming lessons at the hotel and in just 6 days he went from depending on arm bands to diving in the water to collect sunken objects and swimming the width of the pool without anyone or anything to help him! 

Swimming lesson day 1 🙂 

After a few lessons!

Here are some snap shots of the week!


In October as it is still very hot, especially for tiny people we spent the first half of the day by the pool and the second half indoors, usually the mall as there were so many activities for Taymoor to keep busy with! Kidszania, Dubai Aquarium, Top of the Burj, Dubai Ice Rink, Candylicious and so much more! 

We used a great nanny agency for evening babysitting so we could have some grown up alone time out with friends and famly.

I will never tire of Dubai as every time we go there is a whole range of new places to eat or visit!

Love Tiana x


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