What’s inside my diaper bag

When I was pregnant with my first child I spent many hours trawling through blogs and watching endless YouTube videos that people have put together on “what’s in their diaper bag”. Having no clue what people used to carry around in those massive sacks that hang off the back of most people’s buggies, I felt this was a good way to find out!

Some people carry everything but the kitchen sink and others are more simplistic. I’ve personally never been one to enjoy walking around like a pack horse so even though I sometimes over packed with the first child (over cautious first time parenting is undoubtably expected) by the time I had my second I had perfected the bag and never feel over stuffed.

Firstly I will begin by saying that it is not easy to find a purpose made “diaper” bag that actually looks good however with my first child I found a lovely brand called “Il Tutto” which is found at Harrods, Mama’s and Papa’s and Blossom Mother and Child. 

This time round I decided to put style over practicality and used my Goyard tote bag. 

Here are some snapshots of the contents of the bag – please excuse the slightly sickening amount of pink in there 🙈

Pacifier pod by Suavinex 


Pouch and wipes holder by Pasito a Pasito Available at Blue Almonds.

Changing Pad by Pasito a Pasito

I love this pad as it is by far the most padded one I found and once opened is very large to easily cover those grotty restaurant changing tables.

Cutlery and bib holder set by Suavinex

This set is fantastic, not only does it hygenicaly hold your baby’s spoon but the bib holder is genious should you forget to bring a bib, just attach a napkin to it!!

Snack container by Pottery Barn Kids

Wooden Teething Toy by LEXYPEXY 

This teether is not only stylish but it is eco friendly and free of all toxic chemicals.

Wet bag by Nursery Window

In here I keep a spare outfit, hair accessories and brush, muslin’s and bibs, creams and ointments.

Nappy Cream by Burts Bees

Coconut Oil by Kokoso Baby

Hair Brush by Pasito a Pasito

Muslin by Aden and Anais “for the birds” collection.

For feeding I chose to use Avent for bottles and formula container.

Teether by Sophie la Girafe 

That is pretty much it aside from the fresh pots of baby food I pop in if I know I will be out over a meal time. It covers all the base’s – feeding, changing, accidents and toys. People need to bare in mind that this bag is for babies under the age of one years old, once baby enters the world of toddlerhood their needs change a little so the bag needs to alter slightly – will update you once I get to that stage 😊 

One other thing to bare in mind is the season you are in, right now as its winter I will roll up a blanket and pop it on the top when I head out.

Anyways I hope this helps any pregnant women out there to have an idea of what they might want to put in their diaper bags.


Tiana x


2 thoughts on “What’s inside my diaper bag

  1. Love this post, and seeing what is in other people’s diaper bags. I’m actually posting mine on Wednesday! (First-time mum, so I’m probably missing some important items.)

    Great blog! I’m now a follower.



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