Dumyé – Dolls with purpose

I love Instagram, I love it not for its filters, nor for its way to nosy on your friends but for its amazing ability to introduce you to the most fabulous up and coming brands and companies. Having run an online business myself I know how unbelievably hard it is to get new customers and market yourself against the big guns in the business. 

One company I discovered via Instagram a while before I was pregnant with Sienna was Dumyé. 

My initial reaction was just how beautiful the dolls and their elegant outfits were. The dolls and their outfits are handmade with Eco-friendly materials which makes them that bit more special, I have huge respect for anyone who hand makes all their products! What I discovered later was even more wonderful, for each doll purchased, a doll is donated to an orphan or vulnerable child and they get to personalise it themselves which really is special.

When I found out I was having a girl I knew a Dumyé doll was on my must have list. Being a Dubai based business I got my parents on the case and they picked the most beautiful limited edition doll called Gigi and I can say I couldn’t love it more. 

Founder and creator of Dumyé Sahar Wahbeh descibes her typical customers and admirers of her dolls as “A mum, in her early 30s, who is creatively spirited, well-travelled and socially and environmentally conscious. She likes to buy organic, she’s active and in tune with what’s going on.”  She couldn’t be more spot on!
Sahar also designed the purpose pocket on the doll which is a little pocket with a bit of fabric inside for the parent or whoever gifted the doll to write a special message. The pocket is stiched onto the back of the dolls body so it’s safe 🙂 

If you purchase your doll online you can personalise your doll from skin tone to hair style and outfit. 

Go to www.dumye.com and check them out! Don’t forget to to #mydumye with your special Dumyé dolls. 

Sushi with her Gigi xx


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