Sienna is one…

As I sit here on the eve of Sienna’s first birthday I find myself going through a years worth of pictures wondering how exactly this year has flown by?! 

A lot has happened in this year, we went from a family of 3 to 4 and no matter how much you try to prepare for this nothing on Earth can! Going from 1 child to 2 in all seriousness is like going from 1 to 100! Despite all that, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

In the most cliched style, Sienna really is the piece that made us complete. She’s a little diva who is so attached to me we have actually started referring to her as koala! She adores her brother and watches him intently whenever he is near. At one, they are interacting so nicely, Taymoor is much more patient with her than I expected and he truly loves her (telling her several times a day!) 

Our year in review:

One year update:

Loves to stand and cruise around furniture and has taken a few steps although I think we may be a couple of weeks away from walking properly still.

A little chatterbox, her word range is quite vast with her favourite word and action being “bye bye” (said with a slight Alabama twang!)

Mamma, dadda, teta, bag, hi, thumper (pumpa) baba (meaning baby) pen (meaning open) Peppa, papa, hahaha.

We just made a major breakthrough with food, turns out all she wanted was a chance to eat grown up food with your own cutlery (with a bit of my help). After a major power struggle and constant purée spoon refusal you are now loving your meals, especially any form of pasta!

She enjoys playing with anything that opens and closes and you recently started enjoying playing with baby dolls, mostly pointing out their nose, eyes and mouth. However your favourite pastime is mummy’s handbags!

She has really long legs and arms, we cannot understand who she got those from! She has been wearing age 12m for the last couple of months no problem. 

YouTube has been a lifesaver, I found a nursery rhymes playlist that she adores and has even started to repeat some of the songs!

Unlike her brother, she is not open to new people and is very causious about interacting with people she doesn’t know… I wonder if that will be a trait she takes to adulthood? At this point in time she would be happy just having me and only me…. I’m not complaining ☺️

Loves Teletubbies and Peppa Pig.

She will attempt to dance when music is on and she loves it.

We love you sushi Sienna 💕

Some snaps of her first birthday:


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