Courgette Orzotto 

I’m far from a cooking expert but when faced with a fussy eating toddler I have to get creative and start using the Internet as a good recipe finder. Pasta being one of the few things Sienna will eat with appetite I needed some inspiration past the usual dull options.

My latest discovery, a wonderful type of pasta called Orzo. It’s shaped like large rice grains and cooks like a risotto however it is pasta! A great option for toddler, kids and adults! Not to mention significantly faster to cook!

This particular meal I make and it works for the whole family, score!

Serves 2 adults or many kiddo meal sizes and keeps for several days in the fridge, easy to reheat in the pan with a drop of water.


150g Orzo or around a third of the bag. (can be found in most good supermarkets in the pasta aisle)

1 average size courgette

600ml chicken stock

1 tbsn butter

Grated Parmesan (as much as you please)

1 tbsn sunflower oil or olive oil


Slice your courgette as thinly as possible, this dish is not meant to be chunky. In the oil gently fry the thin slices of courgette until you getting softer. Add the orzo to the courgette and for about a minute or so toast the pasta pieces in the oil and courgette before adding the stock and bring to the boil.

Simmer for about 8-10 mins or until you see the liquid is almost all absorbed, stirring occasionally. At this point add the butter and Parmesan, I usually add 2 tablespoons as I don’t want it to become too salty. Stir it all gently and you will see the courgette slices have become more like ribbons through the pasta. Taste it before you consider adding any extra salt as it’s usually not needed thanks to the stock and cheese.

Serve immediately, Bon appetite !! 


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