Travelling long haul with kids…

So this week I will be attempting my first long haul flight with the kids on my own. As a family we have done a lot of flying especially with Taymoor but this will be my first solo trip.

I have put a lot of thought and planning into my hand luggage contents as I would normally but this time I’ve had to pre determine all possible situations and minimalise the amount of times I have to get up and access the over head storage.

With Taymoor being 5.5 years old I decided to get him a large backpack with the option of it also being a wheeler bag (his request). I did a bit of online research and I think I found the perfect one, I absolutely love it!

It has so many compartments and zips, perfect to pop all essentials inside! Oh and the best bit according to Taymoor – the wheels light up as you roll the bag!

Smiggle £42 (there is a store in Westfield White City and if you’re anything like me and love stationary leave yourself plenty of browsing time!)

Now… what to put it in that will entertain him long enough in between movies and meals…

Can’t be messy and can’t have lots of little bits to it in order to avoid him getting on and off his seat retreating said items! Activity books seemed the way forward.

Paris sticker book : Trotters £4.99

100 Things to do on a journey:  Trotters £5.99

Holiday pocket puzzle book : Waterstones £5.99

The kids book of dot to dot : Waterstones £3.99

Galt Travel Mosaics : Amazon £3.99

Pencil Case : Kipling £30

After doing some research these headphones seemed to get great reviews and I found them on Amazon at the bargain price of £8! Perfect for the airplane tv or any tablet.

And of course not to mention the most important things to pack… SNACKS and plenty of them! We have a 7 hour flight to dubai to kill and especially with a 1 year old who won’t sit still long, I’m hoping these will kill a bit of time!

For Sienna things seemed much more limited as she’s only 16 months old, aside from snacks and a few apps on the iPad I felt stumped on how to keep this wriggly creature on my lap or seat for more than 2 minutes. My only find for her was this sweet Minnie Mouse Aqua Doodle Travel Set : Amazon £11.45

Would love to hear your suggestions on any other things I should take! :))

Tiana X


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