Ikea Lätt Table Hack 

So Sienna has become obsessed with crayons and any piece of paper that is within her arms reach (even if it turns out to be big brothers homework!!!) 

It was time to get her a small table and chair of her own to avoid any further damages to her brothers homework desk.

I searched around but I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for – so I went on my beloved Pinterest and it never fails to give me amazing ideas!

Ikea have a petite table and 2 chair set for a bargain of £20! Her room isn’t huge so wasn’t looking for something bulky. The only problem is, it has very “natural” wood look which just doesn’t go with mademoiselle Sienna’s very coordinated room of grey, white and blush pink. Yes I know I shot myself in the foot when I decided no primary colours! 

The beauty of this Ikea Lätt table set is that it can easily be painted! For my set I decided to have white painted feet for both table and chairs, grey table and blush pink chairs. It took 2 evenings after the kids went to bed and voila this is it!

Things you will need:

  • Masking Tape (good quality which you can find in the painting section of the DIY store)
  • Furniture paint (for me I used Rust-Olium Chalky Finish in Strawberry Vanilla, Anthracite and Chalk White)
  • 1.5 Inch Paint Brush

Step 1:

Take out all the pieces from the box and line them up to get a good visualisation of what your working with.

Step 2:

Mark out how far up the leg you want the white feet, in my case I went up by 8cm. Wrap a piece of masking tape at that point to stop the paint from seeping and getting that nice crisp finish at the end. Do that for all the feet of the chairs and the table.

Step 3:

Start with the feet painting and do 2 coats for each foot. Leave to dry for 24 hours to ensure they are solid dry before the next step. Once dry very carefully remove the masking tape from each foot.

Step 4:

Use the masking tape to wrap around the top of the white parts to stop any colour going onto them. Top tip, line it exactly with the white line to make sure there is no gap between the colour and the white.

Step 5:

Do 2 coats of paint on all the pieces including the sides of the chair and leave to dry over night. Once completely dry very carefully remove the masking tape from each foot and follow the instructions to assemble all the pieces.

Step 6 (optional)

Seat upholstery… coming soon!

I have ordered my favourite Betsy Print Liberty Fabric from a company in France so when that arrives I will be giving this basic white seats a whole new look!

As you can see it fits perfectly with her room and she’s a very happy little lady!

I’m keeping the extra paint as I’m sure it will need touching up every now and again to keep it looking fresh.

Love Tiana x


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