Wild Child Kitchen

I know i’m not alone (I hope!) in relating cooking for children with anxiety and stress… mainly because children so often chop and change their likes and dislikes making meal choices like a minefield! The other side to it is also worrying that you are giving them the right nutrients and food groups in each meal hoping and praying they won’t be difficult fussy eaters.

These days the healthy ingredient choices are so widely available, from the Kale to the Flax Seeds but i’m not ashamed to say I genuinely wouldn’t know how to use them in a meal my children will actually eat!

I came across Wild Child Kitchen via the wonderful world of Instagram as they cater the food for LNS (London Nursery Schools) in Kensington and I have found their IG feed so interesting seeing their creativity of meal choices for small children (often wondering whether my two littles would eat them!)

So when Natasha from Wild Child Kitchen approached me on Instagram to try some of their meals out I was very intrigued. First and foremost I must add, these meals are HAND delivered to your door, not thrown in a box and shipped through a courier – I can’t tell you how refreshing that is!


Everything is so beautifully packaged with labels on the side giving every single ingredient used and warning of any allergies.

The meals we were lucky enough to try were:

Lamb and Sultana Meatballs with Quinoa

Salmon and Pea Risotto

Jammy Chia Slice

Wild Child Energy Balls

Wild Child Shepherds Pie (Frozen)

My 6 year old is my better eater however I wouldn’t say he’s an amazing eater, we recently entered the irritating phase of “What are those green bits?” , “what are those black dots?” and “what is that squishy vegetable?” 

He recently decided that he loves salmon so when I saw the Salmon and Pea risotto I knew that one was for him. Although his initial reaction to the plate was a little unsure due to the rice being green he then realised there was salmon in it and he tucked in… sure enough a few minutes later the plate was polished off (green rice and all!) haha. SUCCESS!


Sienna – oh Sienna how you exhaust me with your fussiness… One thing I CAN count on her liking is meat. She is such a carnivore! It cracks me up how red meat is her go-to/ won’t refuse ingredient in a meal. The Lamb and Sultana dish was for her that night and heating it up was so simple. The portion sizes are perfect for kids, and when I served it out it smelt amazing! She gave the quinoa a good go, I mixed the sauce into it as she prefers wet texture to dry and I think if I was to try quinoa a few more times for her as an alternative to white rice which she loves I think she would learn it to love it too. The meatballs are so cute and small, easy for her to pick up with the fork and she seemed to really enjoy them.. although she did remove the sultanas frustratingly!


It was so refreshing to know that even though I didn’t cook those meals for dinner that night I know that they were made using clean and natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives which you would normally get in any other pre-prepared child’s meal from the supermarket.

Taymoor refused to try the Chia Slices but I told sienna it was chocolate and she took it without hesitation (surprise surprise!) She nibbled on it initially but then finished the whole piece (SUCCESS NO.2!)


We have yet to try the Shepherds Pie as i’m saving it for one of my emergency evenings (i.e. too busy to cook days) but I have no doubt that will be their favourite as it is already a meal I know they love – could be some fighting over that one haha.

Thank you Wild Child Kitchen for allowing us to try your culinary delights – it saved me a evening of cooking and the kids loved their colourful and nutritious dishes. I am looking forward to making future orders for sure and not just for the kids! Especially as I now know you deliver to my area!

Check out Wild Child Kitchen’s website for more info on their food suppliers and how you can get hold of their amazing meals and snacks!

Love Tiana x


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